My name is  Adam Laskowski and I come from Wrocław; I am an interpreter and translator. I have studied English, German and international trade in Denmark and Germany.


I have 20 years experience as an interpreter and translator and work as an independent interpreter since 1993. I have a long experience of working with international companies and organizations. 


How do I achieve success?


My knowledge and my experience makes it possible for me to offer professional solutions for language communication. As an interpreter I have knowledge of different cultures, which prevents misunderstandings and builds confidence between the parties. I work closely with my clients in order to be able to fulfill their needs in a quick and efficient manner.


What benefits can I offer you?


I build an optimal team of conference interpreters for your event using my network of qualified colleagues.


You get a total solution of high quality at a very competitive price.


- Translation and interpretation in:

English, German, Polish, Danish and Czech,

- Professionalism:

only highly educated interpreters with long business experience,

- Competence:

through adequate specialization and experience,  

- Flexibility


I look forward to a successful working relationship with you.


Adam Laskowski